Sunday Spotlight: Photography by Laurie

In efforts to keep our blog more regularly updated with weddings and information that you would all find helpful, we have decided to start a weekly posting that will highlight some of our favorite local vendors that we have worked with!!  Photographers, Videographers, Entertainment, Pastry Chefs, Florists, etc!!! 

Plus, what better way to start (or end?) your week than by learning more about some event experts?? 

This week's spotlight is on Photography by Laurie... a fabulous local photographer who specializes in not only digital images, but is one of the last photographers in the area who also offers AMAZING old-school film images, too!  Not only did Laurie photography my 2008 wedding, but she also photographed my brother's September wedding, and we have worked with her on numerous other events! 

Enjoy this week's spotlight, and keep your eyes peeled for next week- when he shine the spotlight on yet another phenomonal vendor!


  Laurie Velitskovich  - http://www.photosbylaurie.com/  -  laurie@photosbylaurie.com  -  267.978.88729

How long have you been in the photography business?  And what training do you have?:
 I have been a professional photographer for 13.5 years.  I have a degree in photographic imaging, and I printed professionaly for 6 years at a pro lab in Philadelphia.

Why did you choose to pursue photography?:
 I love photography.  I love the art of it.  And, it's funny becasue when I was in school I thought that if I ended up a wedding photographer I considered it a failure.  I just did not like the look of traditional wedding photography.  I wanted to be a photojounalist!  And, then while I was printing professionally I started to see the wonderful energence of photojournalism begin.  And, I thought "this is fantastic".  I really loved how it let the photographer be creative.  And, I thought "hmmm... maybe this could be for me".   I loved the idea of being with people on one of the most wonderful days of their life, and capturing their love on film.  What could be better than that?

What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc):
Weddings, Engagement sessions, Baby/Children/Family portraits, Boudoir sessions, Events

What is the price range for your packages?:
$2500 - $4600

What sets you apart from other photographers?:
I think what sets one photographer apart from another is their personal style, experience, and talent.  There are so many wonderful photographers out there, but I think what sets me apart from other photographers is the instinctive nature of my photography.  I really try to get to know my client(s) and their personality(ies).  The goal of my photography is to use my own perssonal experiences and talent to highlight the true nature of my client (s).

Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?):
I do offer discounts on Winter months (December,January, February) - 10% off

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?: 
I don't know if I have a favorite venue, I really love untraditional venues.

Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less: 

Modern - Upbeat - Introspective  - Chatty -

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