A Letter of Thanks!

Nothing makes us happier than a more than satisfied client (and mother of the bride, too!):

Wanted to thank you so much again for the fabulous job you did for us on Saturday night.  When Cara hired you I was confused=--what the heck was a day of coordinator?  She told me then how much I would appreciate it and how it would take so much off of me and boy, she was right!  You handled everything that came up so perfectly so that we could all relax and enjoy the moment and you did it all with that big beautiful smile of yours.  You are the best!

We will spread the word about your wonderful services.  Thanks again.


Carina, Thank you again (and Meg) for all your hard work over the past year and especially Saturday night at Cara and Rob's wedding! Every time I turned around or needed something, there you were, always smiling and willing. Your organizational skills are mind boggling and anyone even thinking of using your services ...should go for it, they won't be disappointed!! ♥

We can't wait to blog this wedding in the coming months!!!!

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