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She's Got Legs... and she knows how to use them!

One of the most fun ways to express yourself and your personality on your wedding day is the garter belt!  Whether you opt for the traditional "garter belt removal/toss" or to keep that private between you and your soon-to-be hubby, it's a great way to incorporate your personal style in a unique way.

Of course, there's the traditional white garter belt- which never fails to please... but if you're interested in being a bit more daring, we've compiled a few interesting options below:

Your "Something Blue":

If you prefer something a bit more unexpected yet still classic, you may opt for a Vintage French Ombre Rose garter set...

If you are into solid colors with a bit of flair, a simple gray satin garter with birdcage embellishments are sure to WOW others:

If you're anything like us, you may be slightly obsessed with anything peacock!!  The vibrant colors and whimsical feathers are perfect to adorn your reception... or your leg!!

You can even commemorate your favorite sports team or Alma Mater with a custom sports garter!!

You can even choose go to "fun and flirty" with something unexpected:

If you're a bit more traditional, fear not... you can still step out of the box and keep it different with this gorgeous floral garter:

And if you're into beautiful rosettes- here's a perfect option:

Finally, quite possibly our favorite from this post.... a romantic and vintage lace garter set with some added bling:

...and don't forget- if you plan on "tossing" your garter, be sure to purchase a set that includes a "toss away" garter (and keep the fancier one on for later that night!) 


Follow us on PINTEREST!

In case you haven't gotten the memo- Pinterest is the newest craze on the internet!  Not only is it super fun to pin a bunch of ideas for your home, children, gift ideas, dream vacations, etc... but it's the PERFECT way to organize all of your wedding and special event inspirations!!!  Just create custom "boards" for each of your ideas (cake ideas, decor, linens, flowers, ceremony, favors, etc)- and start searching!!  It's that easy...

And to give you a head start on all your fun "pinning" you can FOLLOW REMEMBER THIS DAY for the latest trends, ideas and inspirations!  Not only will we pin some of our favorite wedding ideas from our own weddings-past... but we will be pinning other unique and interesting inspirations from all over the internet.  We find this to be easier than creating separate blog posts to showcase these ideas, but we will still be occasionally highlighting some of these boards on our blog, as well.

So go on... what are you waiting for?  Start "pinning" with Remember This Day!

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