Sunday Spotlight: Candid Moments Photography

We have worked with Doug from Candid Moments, and absolutely LOVE his personality and talent that he brings to the table!  Not to mention, that I absolutely DIE for the images he captures!!  Not only are his wedding pictures FABULOUS.... but this man can capture you and yours in front of the sunset like NO OTHER.... I am still in awe!!!  haha.  Definitely look into him, if you are still looking for a wonderful photographer!


Candid Moments Photography

7 years in business, trained for a year before that as a wedding photographers assistant, Art Major at Houghton College, NY

I was engaged in 2001 and went looking for a wedding photographer. I was so amazed at the type of work wedding photographers were doing that I hired the studio on the spot and asked them for a job shortly after. I worked for them for a year before I set out on my own.

We specialize in weddings but also take portraits of newborns, young children, families, pets and seniors. We also photograph, bar and bat mitzvahs and baby christenings.

Our weddings range between $2500 and $8000

When you hire a photographer to photograph your wedding you have to trust them completely. You have to like being around them and they have to be able to capture awesome shots no matter what. I am different than other photographers because I have a very easy going personality. I love people, I love what I do and many times I am more excited about my clients wedding photos than they are. I never stop looking for the next best shot all night long. I love to laugh, show my personality in photos and make clients look amazing. We use lighting to make dramatic images but also love to capture candids of all the clients' friends and families. This is not just a job. It's my passion.

My favorite event I ever photographed was a recent wedding on the beach at Ocean City NJ. The bride and groom were the most loving and kind and fun people I've ever been around. You could tell that they were so happy. It was one of my most memorable events because we had the bridal party on carnival rides, out on the beach, on rocks and all over the boardwalk. Yes, I get paid to play on the beach and boardwalk :)

We offer $300 off our wedding packages for Fridays and $500 off for Sundays and Winter weddings.

My style in 5 words is - Dramatic, creative, colorful, fun and romantic.


Exclusive Event: Breakfast with Santa!!

We hope you all had a FANTABULOUS Thanksgiving Holiday with your families.... and as a special thanks to those who have supported us, we want to share in the Holiday season with you and your family!

We're super excited to announce our exclusive "Breakfast with Santa" event for our valued clients!!  Remember This Day, along with Erin Farrell Photography, are hosting a special morning for you!  Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible, as space is very limited! 

We look forward to seeing you there!


Sunday Spotlight: Annie Hosfeld Photography

I met Annie a few years back when I was planning my own wedding... she was the second shooter during some boudoir portraits that I had taken (Photography by Laurie was actually the lead shooter!)  Annie's personality and passion for photography is what I fell in love with!  She captures the essence of her subject(s) in a photojournalistic, raw and elegant fashion.  Personally, I LOVE her black and white film images!!!  They look like stills out of an Old Hollywood movie.....

If you are looking for a super-talented, fun, photojournalistic with a vintage feel (vintage.... have I mentioned that is what I live for?? haha), then Annie Hosfeld Photography is right for you!!

Let's shine this spotlight....


Annie Hosfeld, Annie Hosfeld Photographywww.anniehosfeld.com

How long have you been in the photography business?  And what training do you have?:

Shooting weddings full time since 2000.  Education includes self-taught and apprenticeships

Why did you choose to pursue photography?:

 It is an exciting, creative & challenging career!  There is never a dull moment.  Plus, you meet some very wonderful & interesting people along the way, many of whom become friends.

What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc):

Wedding, engagement, belly, boudoir & family portraiture.

What is the price range for your packages?:

Weddings $3000-$5000 Portrait Packages from $275-$550

What sets you apart from other photographers?:

Our fun and effortless approach to creating fabulous images!  Also, we are one of the last remaining studios that continue to shoot film as well as digital.

What was your favorite event that you photographed, and why?:

My favorite event is always the home-grown, backyard affair.  I love when couples infuse their event with personal & unique details.

Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?):

Because we photograph a very limited number of weddings per year, we currently do not offer discounts.

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?:
I am partial to the Downtown Club, Knowleton Mansion and Colonial Dames.

Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less:
Natural, fresh & fun!


Sunday Spotlight: Photography by Leah

This week's Sunday Spotlight is shining on Photography by Leah!!!  I'm very excited to share and refer you all to her... as she is truly a hidden gem!  Leah's passion for the art of photography is so apparent in her images, and she offers such great deals, to boot!!  Her dynamic personality truly sets her apart.... and she can fit into any budget!  Why sacrifice your wedding photos (or family portraits, children portraits, etc) just because you can't afford more "seasoned" photographers??  Leah is young, fun, and works hard to capture your special day in a way only she can.....

She's booking quickly- so contact her today for a consultation!  We've already referred many clients to her, and she's such a doll to work with!

Let's do this thing.....


Photography by Leah  www.photographybyleah.com
How long have you been in the photography business?  And what training do you have?: 

I have been shooting weddings for over five years now. I have two degrees in communications and professional photography from Cecil College, as well as a certificate in Basic Photography, Studio Photography, Video Production, and Digital Imaging
Why did you choose to pursue photography?: 

It actually wasn't until I was 23 that I even realized that I had an eye for photography. I was raised in a very creative and artistic family with a father that's a wood worker, a mother that was a photographer, a sister that's a writer, and another sister that is a painter. So my pictures just looked like the rest of my family's pictures and I thought that was normal! It wasn't until I took some black and white film shots of a friend's wedding that I learned that I had a talent for photography. She hired a $5000 photographer that, unfortunately, botched her wedding day with less than impressive images. I offered her my images and she was in love. Through tears, she told me just how much it meant to receive these beautiful images of her wedding day. It was then that I learned that this is something I wanted to pursue and master. I'm far from mastering it, I'm not sure I ever will with the ever evolving technology, but I'm having a blast trying! 
What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc): 

I offer almost every kind of photography services out there. Weddings, portraiture, special event photography, fine art photography, and product photography
What is the price range for your packages?: 

My wedding package price ranges from $1250 to $2850 with options to add more. I am flexible with my packages and can offer even the smallest budget options. I believe that everyone deserves a professional photographer on their wedding day, even if it's just to capture some portraits! 
What sets you apart from other photographers?: 

I love making new friends! I truly love people. I believe that to truly capture a person's character, emotion, or state of being, you have to love them. Truly appreciate what makes them... them! Without that appreciation, there is little depth to the photograph. I am in love with my subjects, and my subjects are flawless. Even the ones with wrinkles and bruised petals. 
What was your favorite event that you photographed, and why?: 

It is really hard to choose just one event as my favorite. There are so many different things that go into shooting a wedding. And every wedding has provided me with my favorite moments! But if I had to choose one, I would have to say that it was Emily and Gary's wedding. Gary was heading out to Afghanistan two weeks after they were to be married. I believe they were going to wait to be married, until he got his orders that changed their plans a little. So they had a very small and intimate ceremony in a hundred year old chapel in the middle of the woods. This chapel is, simply put, one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen. And it only fit 20 people inside of it. Just enough space for the people they loved most in this world. And I had the pleasure of being there for that. I got to witness two people pledging their lives to each other, as uncertain as their lives were with Gary leaving for war. And I got to shoot it! I got to capture this moment for them so that they could have something of each other to physically hold onto while they are apart. That is why I love photography. That is why I shoot! 
Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?): 

There are different reasons for different discounts. If I have found that I still have quite a few weekends free for the next season, I will offer percentage discounts for last minute wedding clients that might not have booked a photographer for whatever reason. 

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?: 

There isn't a specific venue that I am more fond of then others. All I need, as a photographer, is light. Any amount will do. :) 
Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less: 

I simply capture the beauty provided. Oh wait, that's six words. Darn! ;) 


Deanna & Mark

Let me start this entry by saying that I absolutely LOVE Deanna and her mom!!  We had so much fun getting to know one another, and I knew from the first time that we met eachother, that this wedding was going to be one for the books!!  And let me say, that this bridal party was probably one of the most fashionable groups that I've seen!  I wanted to steal every high heel the girls wore at the Rehearsal!!  They are like a walking "Sex and the City" episode haha.

Deanna and Mark were high school sweethearts... she asked him to Prom... and continued their romance through college.  Once she said that- I couldn't believe my ears!!  That is exactly how everything happened with my husband and myself!!!  Deanna and I had so much in common that our meetings consisted with just as much chitchat as it did "getting down to wedding business" haha. 

Deanna and Mark chose an "a la carte" package for their wedding.  We were able to customize a package exactly to suit their needs!

The ceremony was held at St. Rita's of Cascia in Philadelphia, with the reception following at the ever fabulous Cescaphe Ballroom!!  The girls wore absolutely stunning floor-length black dresses with crystal embellishments, and a wonderful combination of orange, purple and red flowers!

I was once again fortunate enough to work with Erin Farrell Photography, who is simply AH-MAZING!!!  Thanks, Erin, for these beautiful pictures!



Sunday Spotlight: DJ Amaze

This week's spotlight is on one of the best DJs that we've worked with!!  DJ Amaze has an unbelievable ability to get the most unlikely guests to "get low" on the dance floor!  Do you have an old Aunt Betty who usually sits at her table and watches everyone else dance?  Well, with DJ Amaze, Aunt Betty will likely be cabbage-patching it up... doing the "lawn mower"... and whatever other crazy dances you can think of!!

Not only does DJ Amaze entertain guests at weddings, but he also does every other event you can think of!  From benefit fundraisers to spinning in some of the best clubs around! 

Without further adieu.... let's shine this spotlight!!



DJ Dave Amaze- Webpage

How long have you been in the entertainment business?  And what training do you have?:

17 years. Lots of experience from doing gigs and also Dj Conventions. Im always looking at the newest trends to keep my Dj'ing fresh and enjoyable

Why did you choose to pursue DJing?:

I just have a big love of music. So to Dj was natural

What kind of music is your favorite for events?:

I'm a crowd pleaser. So really anything that I think will get a good reaction from folks is alright with me!

What is the price range for your packages?:

It all depends on the event and specifics but if I had to give a ballpark pricing is about $250/hr

What sets you apart from other DJs?:

My personality! Since I wear my heart on my sleeve, my passion for Dj'ing shows in my work!

What was your favorite event that you DJed, and why?:

Spring Break Cancun.  Enough said! Good weather fun times big crowds

Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?):

I always try to work within budget constraints so I don't worry about discounts I worry about quality, service and pleasing the client

What is your favorite venue to DJ at?:

The Beach (any beach)

Describe yourself and/or your DJ style in 5 words or less:

High Energy, Fun, Seamless, Amazing!


Jaclyn & Jimmy

Jaclyn and Jimmy were married last February during the BIGGEST snowstorm that the tri-state area had seen in quite a few years!! 

We worked with Jaclyn for many months, perfecting her menu cards and stationery for her winter wedding!!  While Remember This Day focuses on providing our clients with wedding and event planning/coordination, we are also more than happy to work on paper products for you, as well!  Granted, we do not advertise these services often (because of how much time and effort we put into each design, and we want to focus on our weekly weddings!)- but we are more than happy (and eager) to work with you on your personal touches, should our schedule allow!! 

Jaclyn and Jimmy definitely took advantage of the "off-season" for weddings, by contacting us to design and print their personal details for them!  We sent many drafts back and forth until we got it perfect.... which I think we accomplished!

We focused on an on-going presence of Calla Lillies throughout their wedding, accented with a Royal Blue and Silver color scheme and we printed them on pearlized champagne cardstock  (PERFECT for a winter wedding!) 

To see more about their wedding, visit Sarah Schulte's blog!!

What a beautiful snowy backdrop for such a cute and loving couple.... special thanks to the ever-fabulous Sarah Schulte Photography for providing us with these lovely images of Jaclyn and Jimmy's winter wonderland wedding day.....

.... and here's one of my favorite pictures of Jaclyn & Jimmy from their BIG day!!  CONGRATS!