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Maria & Anthony- Elegant Italian Wedding in Philadelphia

I loved Maria and Anthony from the first time I met with them... and Maria's mom, too!  At our initial consultation we really "clicked" and we were so excited to help them plan and coordinate their November nuptials all the way from their home in Chicago! 

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia... with reception following at one of our favorite venues- The Crystal Tea Room!! 

Maria and Anthony chose an elegant color palette of ivory and burgundy... and the fabulous Carl Alan designed all of the floral arrangements and bouquets for their big day.

This wedding was full-fledged Italian themed... and I must admit, one of the most fun receptions we've worked on!!  Huge thank you to the beat-dropping Chico's Vibe who kept everyone on their feet all night long and helped everyone work off some of those calories from the delicious food they had!!

We also had the opportunity to work with one of the most talented photographers in the area (and beyond!)... thanks to Kamila Harris Photography for sharing these beautiful images with us!!

Congratulations, once again, to Maria and Anthony- who we know had a spectacular honeymoon in ITALY!!!


"Best of Remember This Day" CONTEST!! Enter NOW!

So, you've had your BIG day... planned and coordinated by Remember This Day... the excitement of your wedding day may have passed- but the memories can continue!!

We are holding an exclusive contest for all of our past and present clients (yes, present!  You can participate even if your wedding day is still to come...)

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Voting ends at 11:59PM on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 (that will give you 5 days to get as many votes as possible).

The winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card to use any way you choose!! 

So..... submit those pictures, people- and let's see who will be crowned the
"2012 Best of Remember This Day Brides"!!!!


Stephanie & Kenny- Vibrant October Wedding

Stephanie and Kenny were married this past October on a gorgeous fall day!  Their wedding was perfect combination of elegant yet relaxed!  Stephanie chose Eggplant as her main color (which was a super popular shade for many fall wedding color palettes- it allows for so many other complementary colors to mix in!), with vibrant shades of pinks, oranges, greens and purples for their bouquets and arrangements- thanks to Moles Flower Shop!

The afternoon ceremony was held at the beautiful Holy Saviour Church in Norristown, PA... and the reception followed at The Spring Mill Ballroom in Conshohocken, PA.  Stephanie and Kenny's wedding is the perfect example of why having at least a "Day Of Coordinator" not only alleviates stress prior to and including the wedding day, but also is worth every single penny!!  Rather than having their own family and friends (or paying the florist) help to decorate the Ballroom with their custom "DIY" centerpieces- my assistant and I assembled the gorgeous centerpieces right there and saved everyone else a lot of time and energy (and money!)... the Manzanita branches reached out from the vase and colorful paper lanterns hung from their limbs.  It truly transformed the Ballroom and the lights gave the room such a fun ambiance!

I have to say, the caterers were beyond amazing... the food was top-notch and they were really great people to work with!!  Olde Greenfield Inn Catering traveled all the way from Lancaster, PA for this special day, and made such yummy food, the guests raved about it all night long!

Sweet Talk Cakes created the fabulous cake, and Doctors of Music DJ kept the dance floor packed all night long!  The invitations, programs and custom stationery was designed and created by the Bride herself (kudos Steph!) and the whole event was captured on video by LaPenna's Envisioned Video.

Many special thanks to the awesome James Michael Photography who took these perfect pictures (and was kind enough to share them with us!)  

Once again, Congratulations to Steph & Kenny!!  We hope you had a great time in St. Lucia!!


Your Ceremony: Church or Outside the Church?

So, you've got the ring... you've relaxed and basked in the glory of engagement... and now it's time to start the planning!!  In addition to having a rough estimate of your guest list (small and intimate or large and inclusive?) and an idea of what type of budget you are working with, you will need to make some very important decisions!! 

The biggest decision (in my opinion, at least) is where your actual ceremony will take place!  As much fun as it is to plan the reception and all the exciting details, you will be marrying the person of your dreams and the ceremony is super important!! 

First off, you need to sit down with your fiance and discuss your religious beliefs.  Are you both Church-going people?  If so, will you have the ceremony in a Church- his or hers?  Are only one of you Church-going/religious?  If so, is the other okay with having a Church ceremony?  Or is the Church-goer open to having a ceremony outside of the Church?  If neither of you are religious/Church-going, would you both prefer a ceremony outside of the Church?  Or would you prefer to have a ceremony in one of your Churches because of family history and tradition?

These are all important decisions.  The answer may come quickly or it may involve further discussion.  For instance, if you decide to have a Church ceremony- will it be a Full Mass?  Or just the ceremony portion?  If you decide to have a ceremony outside of the Church, will it literally be outdoors?  Or indoors at another location?  If this is a Jewish celebration, will you have a Chuppah? 
Once you decide the type of ceremony you and your fiance envision, you can immediately begin narrowing down your options!!  You will either begin by contacting the Religious Director at the Religious Institution (Church, Temple, etc) you decide on and checking their availability... or you will begin to research other locations for your ceremony (an indoor location at your reception venue?  Outside ceremony at your venue (but be sure they have a "backup" location in case of :::gasp::: bad weather!)?  On the Beach?  In a Park?)  And don't forget to contact local ministers to perform your ceremony!!  Be sure to get referrals from them and ask their former clients what they thought of their specific ceremony and the Presider.

If your mind isn't already racing with ideas and questions, don't worry- you can get started on the fun floral ideas for the ceremony, programs, ceremony layout, song and reading options and aisle runner ideas in a few months once you have all the "basics" booked!! 


NOW OFFERING: HALF OFF Birthday Party Consultations!!

We're so lucky to be with our clients on the happiest day of their life!!  That is, until the birth of their children, I'm sure! 

So many of our past clients have recently welcomed new little bundles of joy into their lives- and as a THANK YOU for their past business, Remember This Day would like to offer them (as well as any direct referrals from past clients) HALF OFF our party planning consultation packages that take place in 2012- any month!! 

These packages differ from our wedding/event packages in that they are 1) less expensive 2) involve a "story board" type of inspiration emailed directly to you with all links to vendors and pricing, etc. 3) Can involve stationary design/printing 4) Can include menu planning and budgeting 5) Can include decor assembly (hanging pom balls, favors, etc).

We will meet with you once to discuss your vision for your child's birthday party (whether it's their very FIRST birthday, or any to follow!) and then put together a package custom for you!  And if you know how hectic that party day will be, and you'd like some help running and picking up food, putting up those decorations that we recommended for you, etc- then we can put those services in your custom package, as well- all at HALF OFF the total price!!!! 

So if you're starting to think about your little one's upcoming birthday celebration (or know of someone who is!) please CONTACT US to schedule your consultation- and reference "2012 Birthdays" in the email, as well as the client who has referred you (unless you are them!)

We look forward to working with you in creating a magical and special day for your child and families.... just as fulfilling (if not more) than the one we created on your wedding day.