Sunday Spotlight: Photography by Leah

This week's Sunday Spotlight is shining on Photography by Leah!!!  I'm very excited to share and refer you all to her... as she is truly a hidden gem!  Leah's passion for the art of photography is so apparent in her images, and she offers such great deals, to boot!!  Her dynamic personality truly sets her apart.... and she can fit into any budget!  Why sacrifice your wedding photos (or family portraits, children portraits, etc) just because you can't afford more "seasoned" photographers??  Leah is young, fun, and works hard to capture your special day in a way only she can.....

She's booking quickly- so contact her today for a consultation!  We've already referred many clients to her, and she's such a doll to work with!

Let's do this thing.....


Photography by Leah  www.photographybyleah.com
How long have you been in the photography business?  And what training do you have?: 

I have been shooting weddings for over five years now. I have two degrees in communications and professional photography from Cecil College, as well as a certificate in Basic Photography, Studio Photography, Video Production, and Digital Imaging
Why did you choose to pursue photography?: 

It actually wasn't until I was 23 that I even realized that I had an eye for photography. I was raised in a very creative and artistic family with a father that's a wood worker, a mother that was a photographer, a sister that's a writer, and another sister that is a painter. So my pictures just looked like the rest of my family's pictures and I thought that was normal! It wasn't until I took some black and white film shots of a friend's wedding that I learned that I had a talent for photography. She hired a $5000 photographer that, unfortunately, botched her wedding day with less than impressive images. I offered her my images and she was in love. Through tears, she told me just how much it meant to receive these beautiful images of her wedding day. It was then that I learned that this is something I wanted to pursue and master. I'm far from mastering it, I'm not sure I ever will with the ever evolving technology, but I'm having a blast trying! 
What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc): 

I offer almost every kind of photography services out there. Weddings, portraiture, special event photography, fine art photography, and product photography
What is the price range for your packages?: 

My wedding package price ranges from $1250 to $2850 with options to add more. I am flexible with my packages and can offer even the smallest budget options. I believe that everyone deserves a professional photographer on their wedding day, even if it's just to capture some portraits! 
What sets you apart from other photographers?: 

I love making new friends! I truly love people. I believe that to truly capture a person's character, emotion, or state of being, you have to love them. Truly appreciate what makes them... them! Without that appreciation, there is little depth to the photograph. I am in love with my subjects, and my subjects are flawless. Even the ones with wrinkles and bruised petals. 
What was your favorite event that you photographed, and why?: 

It is really hard to choose just one event as my favorite. There are so many different things that go into shooting a wedding. And every wedding has provided me with my favorite moments! But if I had to choose one, I would have to say that it was Emily and Gary's wedding. Gary was heading out to Afghanistan two weeks after they were to be married. I believe they were going to wait to be married, until he got his orders that changed their plans a little. So they had a very small and intimate ceremony in a hundred year old chapel in the middle of the woods. This chapel is, simply put, one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen. And it only fit 20 people inside of it. Just enough space for the people they loved most in this world. And I had the pleasure of being there for that. I got to witness two people pledging their lives to each other, as uncertain as their lives were with Gary leaving for war. And I got to shoot it! I got to capture this moment for them so that they could have something of each other to physically hold onto while they are apart. That is why I love photography. That is why I shoot! 
Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?): 

There are different reasons for different discounts. If I have found that I still have quite a few weekends free for the next season, I will offer percentage discounts for last minute wedding clients that might not have booked a photographer for whatever reason. 

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?: 

There isn't a specific venue that I am more fond of then others. All I need, as a photographer, is light. Any amount will do. :) 
Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less: 

I simply capture the beauty provided. Oh wait, that's six words. Darn! ;) 

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