Sunday Spotlight: Candid Moments Photography

We have worked with Doug from Candid Moments, and absolutely LOVE his personality and talent that he brings to the table!  Not to mention, that I absolutely DIE for the images he captures!!  Not only are his wedding pictures FABULOUS.... but this man can capture you and yours in front of the sunset like NO OTHER.... I am still in awe!!!  haha.  Definitely look into him, if you are still looking for a wonderful photographer!


Candid Moments Photography

7 years in business, trained for a year before that as a wedding photographers assistant, Art Major at Houghton College, NY

I was engaged in 2001 and went looking for a wedding photographer. I was so amazed at the type of work wedding photographers were doing that I hired the studio on the spot and asked them for a job shortly after. I worked for them for a year before I set out on my own.

We specialize in weddings but also take portraits of newborns, young children, families, pets and seniors. We also photograph, bar and bat mitzvahs and baby christenings.

Our weddings range between $2500 and $8000

When you hire a photographer to photograph your wedding you have to trust them completely. You have to like being around them and they have to be able to capture awesome shots no matter what. I am different than other photographers because I have a very easy going personality. I love people, I love what I do and many times I am more excited about my clients wedding photos than they are. I never stop looking for the next best shot all night long. I love to laugh, show my personality in photos and make clients look amazing. We use lighting to make dramatic images but also love to capture candids of all the clients' friends and families. This is not just a job. It's my passion.

My favorite event I ever photographed was a recent wedding on the beach at Ocean City NJ. The bride and groom were the most loving and kind and fun people I've ever been around. You could tell that they were so happy. It was one of my most memorable events because we had the bridal party on carnival rides, out on the beach, on rocks and all over the boardwalk. Yes, I get paid to play on the beach and boardwalk :)

We offer $300 off our wedding packages for Fridays and $500 off for Sundays and Winter weddings.

My style in 5 words is - Dramatic, creative, colorful, fun and romantic.

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