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In case you haven't gotten the memo- Pinterest is the newest craze on the internet!  Not only is it super fun to pin a bunch of ideas for your home, children, gift ideas, dream vacations, etc... but it's the PERFECT way to organize all of your wedding and special event inspirations!!!  Just create custom "boards" for each of your ideas (cake ideas, decor, linens, flowers, ceremony, favors, etc)- and start searching!!  It's that easy...

And to give you a head start on all your fun "pinning" you can FOLLOW REMEMBER THIS DAY for the latest trends, ideas and inspirations!  Not only will we pin some of our favorite wedding ideas from our own weddings-past... but we will be pinning other unique and interesting inspirations from all over the internet.  We find this to be easier than creating separate blog posts to showcase these ideas, but we will still be occasionally highlighting some of these boards on our blog, as well.

So go on... what are you waiting for?  Start "pinning" with Remember This Day!

Note: If you are in need of an invitation to Pinterest, please EMAIL US 

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