So You're Throwing a Super Bowl Party?!?

It's that time of year.... Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner- and whether you are planning your own party or attending someone else's, we've compiled a bunch of fun and unique ideas to make your party stand out from all the rest!!  (If you're a guest at a party, WOW others when you bring one of these awesome treats/ideas with you!!

And be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post- where you will find FREE SUPERBOWL PRINTABLES (courtesy of MJ Paperie)

Other than watching football (of course!), the Superbowl is about getting together with family and friends- eating delish food, drinking refreshing drinks and watching the commercials, too!  Putting together a menu is super simple- finger foods and munchies are the way to go... with an assortment of options being key!!  Here are a few classic options:

Pigs in blankets

Tortilla chips and dips (fresh salsa, salsa con queso, spinach artichoke dip)

Deli platter and rolls


Pizza (homemade personal pan pizzas- you can make your own with various toppings to choose from- or just order from your favorite pizza shop!)

Hot wings (with ranch, blue cheese and celery)

Antipasta display- Assorted  crackers, cheeses, pepperoni, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, etc
Fruit bowl

Veggie tray with dip

Here's a REALLY fun idea that we found (if you have the time!!!)... a Food Stadium!!

Cupakes (fun idea- decorate cupcakes with either the Giants or Patriots and put them on opposing sides of the dessert table… then have a “field” in between them (either a sheet cake with green frostin and decorated- or if you want more formal- a centerpiece of grass!!!) 


And Signature Drinks in addition to beer are a fun way to incorporate your theme (and offers a yummy alternative for those non-beer drinkers!):

Quick Kick
(Left image, highball glass)
- 1.5 parts Canadian whiskey
- 4 parts cola
- Fill the collins glass half way with ice
- Pour the ingredients into the glass
- Stir together
- Garnish with lemon wedge

Brady Bomb
(Left middle image, shot glass)
- 1 part Bourbon whiskey
- 2 drops Tabasco sauce
- Pour whiskey in a shot glass
- Add drops of Tabasco sauce into the center of the drink
- Bring it home
Patriot Pride
(Right image, old fashioned glass)
- 1.5 part tequila
- 0.5 part Blue Curacao
- 0.5 part cream
- 0.5 part white Creme de Cacao
- Add ice cubes to the shaker
- Pour the ingredients into the shaker
- Shake well
- Strain into an old fashioned glass, on the rocks

Manning Martini
(Right middle image, cocktail glass)
- 1 part dry vermouth
- 1 part Bourbon whiskey
- Add ice cubes in a mixer glass
- Pour the spirits into the glass
- Stir together
- Strain into a cocktail glass

Courtesy of Team Distinction.


So go have fun, be creative, and most of all- ENJOY THE GAME!


(thanks to MJ Paperie)

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