Sunday Spotlight: Unique Cardholders

We've all heard of the "traditional" card holders at weddings or special events... sometimes with a bow that matches the color scheme of the party... it gets the job done, but often takes a back seat during the planning process and doesn't get the attention to detail that it deserves!!!  So many times I have seen guests "ohh" and "ahh" over totally unique and different card holder options and it can really be a conversation starter if the holder follows a sort of ambiance of your special day, or involves your personalities!

Below are just a few of our favorites... mostly from Etsy- since I just cant get enough of that place :-)

If you're having an Old Hollywood Movie type of feel, I just LOVE this vintage suitcase:

For a more modern look, I love THESE colors (although it can be customized)!
For wine-lovers, a wooden wine crate is the perfect option to hold all your cards (and one of our '09 brides used something similar for her wedding- paired with some ornamental grapes surrounding/on top of the crate!):

And finally, something you can use to collect your cards and letters (and bills, yuck!) for years to come- a personalized mailbox!

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