Sunday Spotlight: Stringer Photography

After a brief "hiatus" due to the Holiday season, we're happy to announce that we're back in the swing of things and ready for another "Sunday Spotlight"!!!  This year, we will be focusing on bringing our blog readers/clients/prospective clients/colleagues the latest info on local vendors as well as design ideas, color schemes, trends and more!  So keep this blog bookmarked  :-)

We worked with Stringer Photography last year and were floored by the images they provided us for our blog!

Company Name (and your name and website/email address):
Stringer Photography

How long have you been in the photography business?
We started our business in 1999, back in the film days.  It has been an amazing journey and one of much evolvement.

And what training do you have?:/ why did you choose to pursue photography?
 Neville grew up with a keen interest in photography that he enjoyed as a hobby.  When we were married and he moved down here from Canada, he began an apprenticeship with a local wedding and portrait photographer (approx. 1996) to learn more and see if he wanted to do something more with this interest of his.  He loved every minute of his time with his mentor and was soon doing second shooting for the studio as well as shooting as a contract photographer with another company.  As more friends learned of Neville's interest, more requests came in to photograph family and friend weddings.  In 1999 Stringer Photography was established and Neville "tossed" a camera to me and said I had to come along for this journey.  Neville brought with him the technical knowledge while I (without any technical knowledge at that point) had the eye for creativity and emotional connections.  With the switch from film to digital that we made approx. in 2004, a new world opened up for me.  By 2006, I had fully invested myself into the business and have constantly sought out workshops and conference to increase my skills and confidence.  Now combining the creative with the technical, this artform has become my passion and I work for the business full time, while Neville continues his career in healthcare.  We always shoot together for weddings while I'm stretching my wings (mostly on my own) with the portrait side of the business.  It is interesting that I never imagined this would be the line of work I would be in (I have a bachelor’s in Social Work and worked in health care for 8 ½ plus years).  However, my father was the Media Director in our school district in Connecticut and have fond memories of going to the dark room with him and watching him video and photograph many school events.  I think he was just tickled when Neville and I started this business together.  

What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc):

Wedding, engagement, beloved (a special session for married couples), portrait (I have a special affinity for children).  We had an image garden designed and installed in our back yard in 2009 specifically for our portrait work.

What is the price range for your packages?:
We start at $3500 for our wedding collections

What sets you apart from other photographers?: 
I don’t know if this sets us apart as we have met some pretty fabulous colleagues out there.  We do have a love of people and people watching so we are fascinated by the connections that surround us.  We are also easily amused so it doesn’t take much to get us laughing.  Our healthcare backgrounds certainly have proven helpful in our approach and understanding of people.  Overall, we are just warm and caring and absolutely love working together.  So being a married couple is a big plus for us.
What was your favorite event that you photographed, and why?:  Tough questions!  I can’t just put it to one but it would have to be any event that made me cry.  I’m a crier, I’m trying to accept that fact!
Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?):
Yes, a 10% discount for Friday weddings in September to mid June OR 10% for January –March weddings.

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?:
Too many to choose from!  We are so fortunate to live in this area with a huge selection of venues.  I’m still amazed that we are photographing in places that are new to us, after 12 years of weddings.  I must say, we do really enjoy the historic mansions or places that have interesting architecture that we can incorporate into our images.

Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less: 
Eclectic approach, warm, caring and quiet people

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