Sunday Spotlight: John Barone Photography

This week's spotlight is a really special one!!  Not only is John one of the most talented and amazing photographers that I know, he is also the older brother of one of my good friends!!  When she introduced me to John and his photography skills... I was literally in awe!  Not only does John take stunning photojournalistic images for weddings, events, portraits, etc.... this is his passion so much that he works for some amazing companies and stores and shoots their editorials, high fashion and commercial ads!  So when you book John Barone Photography, you are not only getting a wonderful wedding/event photographer... you are also getting the highly-skilled "eye" that comes along with his diverse background in photography.

Enough chatting.... let's lift this curtain...


john barone photography

How long have you been in the photography business?  And what training do you have?:14 years in business.  U of D grad with BA in Art and Photography.  I work as a fashion photographer for magazines and companies like Urban Outfitters.
Why did you choose to pursue photography?:
I love telling stories in a single frame.

What kind of services do you provide? (just weddings, portrait, engagement, photobooth, etc):In addition to the usual, we offer a mini fashion set shot in black & white.  Rather then hoping in a small box and taking a shots yourself as in a photobooth.....you can step onto large fashion set and do a quick session.  It's a great chance to get a nice photo or just come out get a bit goofy on set.  Look on my site for the shots against the black background.  I also offer Boudoir sessions (called Pinup Pix) and engagement sessions.
What is the price range for your packages?:

What sets you apart from other photographers?:
Obviously my fashion background.  We treat every wedding like a magazine shoot.  I equate it to the difference between hiring a wedding band to play at your wedding or hiring U2 to play. 

What was your favorite event that you photographed, and why?:
I love outdoor weddings.  There is just something great about getting out of a manmade structure and having the outdoors as your backdrop.

Do you offer any discounts or specials? (ie- Fridays/Sundays or winter months?):
No day of week discounts.  Sorry.  I stay pretty busy and have no problem filing Sundays and Fridays.

What is your favorite venue to photograph at?:
Again....outdoor is great.  I also love old churches and rustic venues.  We do plenty of reception halls but venues with character are by far my favorite.

Describe yourself and/or your photography style in 5 words or less:
For me...fun & extrovert
For my style.....editorial & fashion

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